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Foraged Winter Tablescape

February in Minnesota is cold and dark, and finding ways to feel cozy and warm is imperative: candles, fires, twinkly lights, warm drinks, and gatherings with friends helps. So when our neighbor invited us over for yummy treats and mugs of cocoa we were delighted. Heading over in the darkness (at 5:00 p.m.!) we were greeted with homemade glowing ice lanterns illuminating our path to their door. Welcomed into the warmth of their home we were captivated by the smells of good things. The greatest delight was the table decked out in a whimsical display of foraged greens. So simple, lovely, and inviting!

A winter tablescape of found nature is a beautiful way to use your creativity to create a place to gather that makes your guests feel welcomed, thought of, and cared for. And the cost is only time and imagination. Here are some ideas to inspire you to decorate the table for your winter dining festivities:

  1. Linens wrapped in twine with cinnamon sticks and a sprig of evergreen tucked in.

  2. Pinecones as holders for seating place cards.

  3. Candles add height and a beautiful glow.

  4. Evergreen branches to create a garland along the table.

  5. Evergreens and twigs for simple vase arrangements.

  6. Hanging wreath made from foraged branches.

Set the gathering in motion by inviting guests over on a specific date this winter—potluck style so all are involved in the food—and you can spend your time creating the cozy atmosphere. Happy gathering! xo

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