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Growing Asparagus

We inherited our homestead garden at the end of winter. It was a mess—weeds run amok, pathways deteriorated, and nary an edible vegetable in sight. But then the beginning of spring came, and in the far reaches of the garden, spears of asparagus began peeking through the soil. We were excited to see food in our garden grown by the previous owner. None of the asparagus even reached our kitchen. It was first come, first served. As soon as you saw an asparagus shoot, you snapped it off and ate the crispy, buttery goodness right there in the garden. Nothing tastes as good as fresh grown asparagus, eaten outside in the middle of the garden. We became absolutely obsessed and determined to add as many asparagus plants to the garden as we could during the next planting season.

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable and will come back year after year in your garden. If well taken care of, garden asparagus can continue to produce in your garden for over 20 years! In the off-season, the wispy fronds of the asparagus plant add a lovely backdrop.

Although asparagus is a perennial vegetable, it initially requires patience because it takes three years for the asparagus plant to produce edible shoots. So now is the time to get started!

Tips for growing asparagus:

  1. Asparagus can be grown from seed, crown, or plant. We have found that a started asparagus plant, planted in early spring, is the easiest way to establish the garden bed.

  2. The asparagus will be in your garden for a long time, so the planting site must be thoughtfully considered. Ours has an entire dedicated garden bed at the very edge of the garden. The tall wisps add visual interest at the border, long after the harvest season has ended.

  3. Asparagus plants need full sun, healthy soil, and regular watering.

  4. Keep the bed free from weeds so the asparagus is not competing for food.

  5. Every year, at the very beginning of spring, we dress the top of the garden bed with a layer of nutrient rich compost.

Fresh asparagus from the garden is the tastiest thing. It is well worth the wait for the first harvest. Start your asparagus garden bed now and you will enjoy tender, delectable asparagus for years to come.

Happy planting! xo

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